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Scientists have discovered a striking property of HIV vaccine

Ученые обнаружили удивительное свойство вакцины от ВИЧIt turns out that a new medication has several medicinal properties.

The researchers of one of the units pharmaceutical and cosmetics giant Johnson & Johnson conducted clinical trials of a vaccine that targets several strains of HIV and do not cause long-lasting side effects.

Our body is sophisticated enough to produce an immune response to virtually every pathogen on the planet, says Anthony Fauci, immunologist and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases USA (NIAID). It can take a long time, we can become ill or even die, but while we are alive, the body will fight. “HIV is definitely unique in that the body does not produce immunity against the virus,” he says. And because of this, even after 35 years of research, still looking for a vaccine, effectively opposing him.

Generally, vaccines work by influencing the body any form of active virus. Immune system in turn produces antibodies — chemical response to an invader. Because the vaccine is an inactive form of this pathogen, we get sick, but the body remembers how to produce antibodies, and gives a powerful response in the event of a real infection. The problem with HIV is that infection mutates incredibly quickly and there are several strains at the same time to instill from which it is impossible.

On 24 July at the 9th International conference on AIDS in Paris, scientists from NIAID and the Belgian company Janssen Pharmaceuticals (owned by a us group Johnson & Johnson) announced that they have developed a vaccine that combines specific markers of multiple strains of HIV. It’s called the mosaic technique, and theoretically stimulates the body to produce antibodies that can fight off the attack of many variations of the virus.

This vaccine had previously blocked HIV infection in monkeys in 66% of cases after six injections. Now its tested on humans. The study involved 393 people not infected with HIV. Some volunteers instilled one of the seven mosaic HIV vaccine and some a placebo, to find out if side effects. The participants tolerated the vaccine. Within 48 weeks was introduced 4 doses. After three injections, the blood tests showed that their bodies develop an immune response to HIV, which is expressed in the presence of antibodies and other cellular changes, suggesting that the vaccine will work against different strains of HIV. The type and the strength of this immune response varied, depending on which version of the vaccine was received by each person.

Anthony Fauci warns that these results are still preliminary and must be tested on people infected with HIV before a vaccine will be on the market.

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Bioengineers in the quest for an effective HIV vaccine drew attention to the cows. Already managed to find a powerful HIV-blocking antibodies that appeared in cows in the weeks after vaccination.

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