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Scientists have discovered a species of butterfly feeding on the tears of birds

Ученые открыли вид бабочек, питающийся слезами птиц The process power managed to capture on video.

Deep in the rain forests of the Amazon, discovered a very unusual “vampire” moths eating… tears of sleeping birds.

I’m sure many of us will be hard to believe, but by incorporating the following video, you will be able to witness this amazing process first hand. In the dark, when the bird fell asleep on a branch, a large butterfly flew up to her, sat on the neck, launched the proboscis in the eye and eagerly began to drink the tears of birds.

Many users of the world wide web, seeing this movie, called it a very unpleasant and even a bit intimidating. However, experts say that anything terrible in it is not happening. According to Brazilian scientist Leandro Moresa, the proboscis of a butterfly is too delicate to further damage the bird’s eye. Apparently, the mole receives the “cocktail” of her missing amino acids and sodium salts.

It is reported that we are talking about tropical butterfly-scoop, lacomedia tears of Montenegro brook Muravlenko. According to experts, the bird may also receive this treatment some benefit. Most likely, the “vampire” moths at the same time clears this way the feathered tear ducts from dust and dirt.

In nature this is called symbiosis: a relationship of two different organisms derive from them a specific, and mutually beneficial favor.

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