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Scientists have discovered a planet suitable for life

Ученые обнаружили планеты пригодные для жизниThis system can be a potential candidate for future interstellar colonization

Two potentially habitable planet discovered by scientists at a distance of 12 light years from Earth.

Worlds that are on the edge of the “habitable zone” Tau Ceti, refer to the Solar system, consisting of four rocky planets, in size like Earth.

British astronomers believe that this system can be a potential candidate for future interstellar colonization.

However, life in the new outposts could be far from peaceful. There is evidence of a vast debris disk that revolve around the star, increasing the chances of the planets being attacked by asteroids and comets.

A key aspect is the identification of exoplanets with masses 1.7 times the mass of Earth, making them the smallest worlds ever seen around sun-like star.

The scientists used the method of “fluctuations” of the planet, izmerena the influence of gravitational interaction of a star.

The planets revolve in an orbit, causing the parent star a few fluctuate. Astronomers have seen the effects of this process in the light of the stars.

Lead researcher, Dr. Fabo Feng with Hertfordshire University, UK, said: “We are this close to reveal a planet similar to the Earth.”

“Our detection of such weak oscillations is an important milestone in the search for analogues of the Earth and understanding the viability of the Land by comparison with them.”

Sun-like stars represent the best opportunity to find planets suitable for life outside the Solar system. Tau Ceti, a favorite destination of writers of science fiction, very similar to the Sun in size and brightness.

Like the Sun, she has a “life zone” – the narrow area around it, where conditions favorable for life.

Within this zone the temperature is not too hot or not too cold, just comfortable for the existence of surface waters. Life-zone planets can have oceans, lakes and rivers.

None of the “supertall” Tau Ceti is not in the center of the habitable zone. One in orbit at the internal border and the other on the outside. The earth located halfway between the middle of the zone, fit for life, and her domestic turn.

The astronomers analyzed data on the wavelength of star light received from the European southern Observatory in Chile and the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Their findings will be published in the Astronomical Journal.

Co-author Dr Mikko Tuomi, also of the University of Hertfordshire noted that improved methods helped to distinguish the signals caused by the presence of planets and stellar activity.

It is now known that two signals of Tau Ceti previously identified in 2013, you do not have a planetary origin.

“Despite how we look on the star, it seems that she has at least four rocky planets,” said Dr. Tuomi.

“We are slowly learning to recognize the difference between vibrations caused by planets, and those that are caused by the active star surface.”

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“This allowed us to conrm the presence of two external, potentially habitable planets in the system,” he said.

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