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Scientists have discovered a “non-existent” star

Ученые обнаружили "несуществующую" звездуThe existence of the neutron star refutes the modern theory of the magnetic field on the suppression of relativistic jets of plasma.

At a distance of about 24 thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia, scientists at the University of Amsterdam found dead of a neutron star, which, according to modern theory , should not exist.

Discovered neutron star spewing jets of relativistic plasma and has a strong magnetic field. The peculiarity is that before the eruption these jets of plasma were observed only in stars with magnetic fields that are 1000 times weaker than this one.

Led by the astronomer Jakob van den Andtom scientists at the University of Amsterdam observed the radio emission, which in addition to the x-ray radiated from the Swift system J0243.6 + 6124. This is what has led to the discovery of a unique star.

After observation and analysis of the information obtained, the researchers came to the conclusion that the radiation of a star similar to the relativistic jets of plasma in black holes. Only in this case, the radiation is 100 times weaker than that of other neutron stars.

“Radio frequency spectrum Swift J0243 the same as the jets from other sources, and develops in the same way. The brightness of the radio emission also follows the brightness in the incident gas, as seen in other reactive systems. So the first time we saw a jet of a neutron star with a strong magnetic field,” said van den Eijnden .

The magnetic field detected around a neutron star Swift J0243.6 + 6124 10 trillion times stronger than the Sun. According to researchers, this fact definitely refutes the theory of the magnetic field on the suppression of jets of plasma, and requires a re-examination of how such are made and run the jets.

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