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Scientists have discovered a non-devastated tomb of a priest

Ученые обнаружили неразграбленную гробницу жрецаThe age of the tomb is estimated at 4.4 thousand years.

Nerazdavlennoy ancient burial was discovered by archaeologists near the capital of Egypt Cairo. The finding reported on Saturday, December 15, the Minister of antiquities of Egypt, Khaled al-Anani.

The tomb was discovered in a historic area of Saqqara, where the sacred necropolis for the ancient Egyptian animals. Experts estimate the age of the tomb was found in 4.4 thousand years, the Minister said. It is the grave of a priest by the name of Wah-Ti. The Minister also noted that the tomb was found “remarkably well preserved”.

The walls of the tomb are decorated with numerous paintings and statues depicting buried here the priest and members of his family. The burial contains 24 large statues carved in niches in the rock 18, the Minister added.

In the past two years, archaeological excavations in Egypt has quickened and has brought a lot of unique finds. Through such measures, the local authorities hope to revive the tourism industry, which is considered one of the main sectors of the Egyptian economy, which is now experiencing not the best times due to the threat of terrorist attacks.

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