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Scientists have discovered a new useful feature pomegranate

Ученые обнаружили новое полезное свойство гранатаScientists call garnet is most useful fruit autumn.

About the benefits of drinking pomegranate season, which begins in the middle of fall, you can tell a lot. However, scientists have gone further and explored the rind of the fruit.

It turned out that a long list of beneficial properties of pomegranate gained another important advantage. Scientists from the University of Kingston in great Britain found that may be useful to even the peel of this fruit.

During the research British experts have discovered that in the skin of the pomegranate contain some substances that can fight infection. Moreover, these compounds were even more effective than antibiotics.

Scientists said that the combination of vitamin C and metal salts, the effectiveness of pomegranate extract increases even more. In laboratory tests, this “explosive mixture” have successfully demonstrated their ability to fight even with the staph. British researchers now expect a great deal in connection with this discovery and plan to continue their research.

I must say that the peel of a pomegranate and has previously been used by the people for the preparation of herbal teas with sore throat and pharyngitis. A mask of crushed peel of this fruit are successfully fighting against acne and rashes.

As for other properties of this wonder fruit, pomegranate juice is known for its action in increasing the level of hemoglobin, and pomegranate seeds can lower blood pressure.

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