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Scientists have discovered a new type of gravitational waves

Ученые открыли новый вид гравитационных волнAstronomers were able to discover a new species of gravitational waves.

The light emitted from them could see scientists working at the University of Texas.

At the same time, they believe, it could only be a neutron star or a few similar objects. Since these waves are visible on visible wavelengths, so they do not come from black holes, which is not typical.

Gravitational waves are formed, as a rule, when you create new space objects, and they can cause significant harm to the Universe. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Astronomers at the University of Texas conducted a study of changes in the movement of the laser rays that occurs when they were affected by gravitational waves.

Scientists have discovered, in one of the galaxies of the constellation Hydra are two neutron stars, which are potentially explosive. Recently was the merger.

Astronomers continue to monitor them, I believe that this process caused the emergence of a new type of gravitational waves, which now need to be explored.

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