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Scientists have discovered a new type of cloud

Учеными обнаружен новый вид облаковIn 2017, scientists have recorded a new type of cloud characterized by the word “asperitas”, which translated from Latin means “rough”.

Meteorologists describe аsperitas as the accumulation of a wavy vapor – mottled or smooth. “Cloud on the bottom looks like a rough sea surface,” say the experts.

Now, due to the fact that this type of cloud officially recognized this weather event was part of the international Atlas of clouds. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The idea of extending the list of types of cloud filed in 2006, representatives of the British society for the evaluation of cloud specialists that monitor meteorological changes in the world. For several years they sought that the scientific community has officially recognized a new type of cloud and included them in the classification.

“It would be a huge coup, as the satin is widely used for training meteorologists from the moment of its publication in the late nineteenth century”, – stated in the message.

In addition to asperitas consists of “clouds Kelvin-Helmholtz” and “leaky” clouds. In the new edition they are named as fluctus and cavum. The new Latin name flumen has a cloud, called the “beaver tail” because of its form during severe thunderstorms. A new type of cloud – аsperitas were seen in the United States in the territory of Iowa.
The last time the list of cloud Atlas was updated in 1987.

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