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Scientists have discovered a new and useful properties of beer

Ученые открыли новые полезные свойства пиваScientists from the University of Oregon (USA) during research found in beer new therapeutic properties. The data they provided suggests that beer helps to reduce the pressure, reduce weight and prevent diabetes.

The study was conducted on mice, which were kept at the so-called “Western diet”, the typical diet of the average American.

This diet is characterized by eating large amounts of fat and calories. In animals as a result of this diet was developed many health problems, including the main enemies of the American health — obesity and hypertension.

The study showed that the flavonoid xanthohumol, which is part of beer, is able to reverse the negative effect of a too fatty diet. Mice treated with xanthohumol, faster felt saturation while eating, as their body has become more sensitive to leptin — the hormone which signals brain when to stop eating and start burning fat. Accordingly, animals had to be satisfied with less food, which naturally reduced and the amount of fat absorbed.

It was also found that obese because of the food mice treated with hydrogenated derivatives of xanthohumol, showed a decrease of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a resistance to insulin, which plays a crucial role in the processes of carbohydrate utilization by the body, stabilize blood sugar levels, appetite and adiposis has. High insulin resistance is correlated with increased risk of diabetes.

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