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Scientists have discovered a mysterious planet unknown to the science

Ученые обнаружили загадочную планету, неизвестную науке Unknown planet was spotted by astronomers in the milky Way galaxy.

Carefully having surveyed a vast area of the milky Way, was seen unknown planet. It is good to consider which will succeed only with a more powerful radio telescope RATAN-600 located in Observatory. These telescopes help to get the clear and real images of the darkest and secret corners of our universe.

Our milky Way galaxy is extremely active, it is always something going on. Our solar system is on the very edge and we can observe all the processes taking place there. In the centre spread of the spiral arms of the milky Way is the clue of how we were born and how it all will end. The ancient Egyptians considered it a transition to another world, but the name given by the Greeks from the word “halachos” which means milk.

From the surface of our planet, we can observe a beautiful picture of the milky Way, but it is known to only one of the sleeves closest to us, and the center of the galaxy we see not. It’s like watching the side of the coin, we cannot have an idea of its present form. But if we looked at her from top to bottom, I noticed a flat disk with a center in which our Earth is at a distance of 26 thousand light years. Our galaxy is large enough that requires more than 200 million years to Earth could completely be avoided.

Therefore, scientists for many years made an incredible discovery and was found aimlessly wandering the planet, and quite old. But of greater scientific interest are those areas of the milky Way, which are less saturated with stars and we see as dark is not illuminated spots. In fact, is clouds of dust that obscure the light of the stars, it’s about it looks, like we have on Earth, when the sun obscures the clouds.

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But there is something strange about the dust clouds, because sometimes they Shine brightly. These colors tell us what gases they are composed. In the presence of oxygen, the luminescence is seen as green, but if carbon is present, it turns red. All information obtained by tracking of this phenomenon, it helps to look much deeper into these difficult to explore the places with uncertainly and mystery are amazing.

In the Orion nebula hidden the young stars known to date, which is just a few hundred years. But not only in this nebula, in the arms of the galaxy there are many such areas, which contain young stars. These newborn stars heat the area around it and makes it glow pink light.

Using reactions of gas and dust that makes up our galaxy, the emerging new stars, which appear over and over in our visible region. Stars are constantly exploding, making lots and thus keeps our galaxy is over 10 billion years. But the source with which it creates new stars for a long time had to dry up, but as it turned out, the source updated not long ago from the milky Way, and from the outside.

Ученые обнаружили загадочную планету, неизвестную науке

Thus it was determined that the well resources were dwarf galaxies that are circling in orbit of our galaxy and encountering sometimes become “food” of the milky Way. Therefore, our huge galaxy contains over 200 billion stars. But the statements of scientists, such a huge mass could not exist without the so-called “dark matter”. Not having electromagnetic radiation has a certain mass, which holds our galaxy and forced to move with the same fast speed. Relative masses of stars in the milky Way to the mass of “dark matter” the difference is so big that the galaxy is a tiny part around the endless ocean.

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In this ocean lives and our Land, with a situation in which water exists in the liquid state and possible life, but how many more planets with good location, located in the universe? Such searches will always be to engage scientists, and yet, for the study, there are about a trillion planets, which, according to the assumptions, possible intelligent life. And most of them should be on the outskirts of the galaxy, as it is the safe area for the Foundation of life on our planet, which miraculously turned out to be one of the most unique places that allowed us to exist.

Ученые обнаружили загадочную планету, неизвестную науке

We remind that recently, transit was detected planet size similar to Jupiter. Australian spotted a planet by astronomers using ordinary telescopes. Scientists have suggested that this giant planet came from outside our galaxy, because its size does not correspond to the theories of the formation of planets, which rotate in such a close distance from the parent star. Novoobrazovany planet called HATS-6, removed from the Earth at 500 light years.

As you know, over the last 20 years, scientists have discovered nearly two thousand of these planets in the 1200 planetary systems. But many of them due to the dense atmosphere does not provide the distribution of heat and creates unfavorable conditions for the emergence of life. However, the atmosphere of the planet or correct to mention exoplanets, HATS-6 is very interesting for further study.

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