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Scientists have discovered a method of unconscious disease diagnosis

Ученые открыли метод подсознательной диагностики болезней It turned out that the human brain recognizes the disease to other people.

The human brain is able to recognize the disease from other people at an early stage, when pathological symptoms manifest themselves clearly and characteristically. This property of the brain was discovered by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

At the sight of a man in the body who began to develop the disease in the brain are activated by the structure responsible for the perception of visual and olfactory information, as well as for multisensory integration. In the complex, it forms a neural mechanism that allows you to accurately capture the onset of the disease, said the Swedish researchers.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which subjects were administered injectable endotoxin that provokes the immune response. Such injection does not pose a serious harm, causing only temporary discomfort. The volunteers in this state, samples were taken of smell, and, in addition, they are photographed.

Photos, and samples of bodily odors presented to other people who were asked to evaluate the experimental material. These same people were familiar with and commented on the fragrance samples and pictures of the volunteers who did not receive injections of the toxin and without a history.

“The face and the smell of people in a state of disease was rated as less attractive than them, but in a healthy condition,” – said the scientists.

According to them, the human brain is by nature endowed with the ability to identify carriers of the diseases among others. In ancient times the individual for survival needed to be able to compute a sick relative and to avoid contact with him.

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