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Scientists have discovered a huge underground ocean

Ученые обнаружили огромный подземный океанScientists believe that through the underground ocean you can get to the center of the Earth.

Scientists have long claimed that beneath our feet is not hot lava and water – a huge ocean of plasma. Recently researchers found another evidence: the water found at a depth of 1,000 kilometers – thanks to the diamond that is “spat out” volcano in Brazil 90 million years ago.

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It team of Steve Jacobsen from northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, found inclusions related to the presence of hydroxyl ions, which are likely to hit the mineral with water. They appeared when the mineral was in its infancy.

Scientists have noted that the inclusion mainly consist of ferropericlase, which comprises about a fifth of the mineral phase of the lower, that is located at a depth of 660-2900 kilometers, the Earth’s mantle, it is said in scientific article of the journal Lithos.

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Jacobsen believes that it is the inner water explains why Earth is the only known planet which has plate tectonics.

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