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Scientists have discovered a dangerous threat to the United States

Ученые обнаружили опасную угрозу для СШАScientists believe that in the USA a brand new volcano.

Scientists conducted a thorough study of the anomalous zone beneath the earth’s surface, located in the state of new Hampshire, New England, and found something very strange.

Right under the American state, at a depth of from 80 to 200 km, is a hotbed of red-hot magma, which will be the place of formation of a new volcano.

The existence of this anomaly, scientists knew but always believed that this anomalous region is a long-standing hotspot of magma, and preserved from the times of ancient geological activity of the Earth.

But a new study has shown that this anomaly is a place of active uplift of magma and its temperature 2 times higher than previously thought. Soothe and scientists say that a new volcano on the East coast of the USA will appear, but not soon. While it is in its infancy to the formation of a full-fledged volcano will take several million years.

It is hoped that this is true, because otherwise, a new volcano is fraught with a serious threat, because it is larger than 400 kilometers in diameter!

Scientists also reported that new Hampshire is not the only state under which the birth of a new volcano, such as the anomalies discovered under the American States of Louisiana and South Carolina. There is a probability that the same anomalous areas can be detected in some parts of the earth’s continents.

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