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Scientists have developed umbrella under which always summer

Учёные разработали зонтик, под которым всегда лето The umbrella has the ability of light therapy.

Experts in the field of tourism find out what vacationers do not have enough to return home. How to define a scientist, the main source of the awakening of memories is the smell.

And often, to remember something pleasant, he doesn’t have to inhale the same aroma, which is associated in his memory with a certain memory. For this there is a special combination of scents. This combination is present in the newest development. When the umbrella is open, a special technology releases a small amount of this aroma.

People unconsciously remembers the nice time, and even in the cold rainy day under his umbrella there is always a summer. At the same time, these smells – a mix of citrus, medicinal Jasmine and a light scent of musk – increase confidence and lower stress levels.

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