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Scientists have developed a test that identifies impending death

Ученые разработали тест, позволяющий распознать скорую смерть The study was performed in older volunteers.

Some time experts researchers the behavior of people before death, in order to highlight the main signs of an approaching departure to another world. As a result, scientists were able to compile a test that can indicate the approximate date of death.

The study was conducted on 80 volunteers aged 65 years. Half of the people who received the disappointing test result, left this world during the year.

So, first seriously disrupted cognitive abilities of citizens, and then had problems with the analysis of the events taking place around us. Before his death, the people were reduced to almost zero levels of persistence and aggression. However, many volunteers were convinced that one more year to live.

Scientists have got to figure out the main signs of imminent death, they are unable to explain the peculiarities of behavior.

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