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Scientists have developed a powerful antibiotic on the basis of breast milk

Ученые разработали мощный антибиотик на основе грудного молокаAntibiotic invented in Britain.

British scientists have developed a new antibiotic, the basis for which was breast milk.

The researchers proceeded from the fact that milk not only a food for children, but also affects the bactericidal composition of the intestines.

Thanks to breast milk the children will have the immunity, and in addition, it protects the baby from diseases in the first months of life.

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Researchers say they were able to detect the specific protein in milk, which affects the immune system, and possesses all the healing properties. This protein is able to fight off fungi, bacteria and viruses.

The protein was taken as the basis for the establishment of an antibiotic capable of destroying bacteria without harming the human body.

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This discovery was important because in the world there is the problem of stability of people to many types of antibiotics.

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