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Scientists have developed a method traceless “disappearance” from the Internet

Ученые разработали способ бесследного "исчезновения" из интернетаThe Swedes have created a way to quickly deleted from the Internet.

In Sweden, the programmers Linus Hunnebeck and Villa Dalbo developed a method of rapid removal from the Internet.

A new service called currently only works with users that are tied to the Gmail email, as stated on the official website of the service.

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It is reported that the removal of accounts you must open the service page and log in using the email address on Gmail. After that, the system will find all accounts on other sites that are linked to this mailbox.

All of the sites linked mailbox will be displayed and the user will be able to note which accounts are not interested in it anymore.

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However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the removal procedure should be done manually after perepravki to the website of each of the unwanted resources.

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