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Scientists have determined the ugliest fish in the world

Ученые определили самую уродливую рыбу в миреIts ugliness eclipsed everything.

In the depths of the Mariana trench, biologists found a disgusting creature like tumors covered with a piece of raw meat.

As you know, the depths of the ocean — a place of nightmarish creatures that are more like aliens from outer space than to the inhabitants of the Earth. Colorless, transparent, flattened and inflated, phosphorescent creatures has long attracted the attention of biologists around the world. And finally, among all the abominations that live in the sea, there was fish that her ugliness outshines all.

Mariana sailfish (lat. Pseudoliparis swirei) — the deep-sea fish all of that are known to science. It is similar to chicken affected by extensive swelling, and lives, of course, in the Mariana trench. Scientists first discovered it at a depth of 7 986 meters below sea level in 2014. Fresh article in the journal Zootaxa talks about how researchers have studied the unusual creature.

“At first glance, the sailboat is absolutely not adapted to life at such a depth, but in fact he and his relatives perfectly survive in extreme conditions,” says McKenzie Garringer, doctoral candidate, University of Washington, who participated in the expedition of 2014. Currently, scientists are trying to understand how exactly this fish is adapted for life in the environment under tremendous pressure.

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They were able to see how P. swirei hunts in the wild: a flock of these fish is divided into groups and “chase” the herd on shrimp and small crustaceans, sucking them into itself.

Ученые определили самую уродливую рыбу в мире

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