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Scientists have determined the taste of water on Mars

Ученые определили вкус воды на МарсеAll the matter in disputes relating to how can be great nutrients moisture in the bowels of the red planet.

Scientists at the moment, continue to argue fiercely about what the taste might be Martian water.

British experts, in response, said that know what can be, not only the taste but also the smell of this water.

The grounds for scientific research was presented to experts of the notorious Curiosity Rover, which has for several years crisscrossing the expanses of the red planet. The detailed text of the study appeared in the edition of Meteoric & Planetary Science.

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Careful analysis indicates that the Gale Crater in ancient times could represent the real sea and was filled with almost the same earthly analogue of water. Due to the current circumstances all the liquid to evaporate, leaving only the striations of mineral deposits around the edges of the pond that say about the rapid processes taking place here for several centuries.

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The average mineral level did not exceed the terrestrial indicators and 20 times, which provided a bitter taste of water, like the hydrogen sulfide smell. Can only assume that the water on Mars, as on Earth, could be divided into several types and key characteristics.

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