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Scientists have determined the most effective method for losing weight

Ученые определили наиболее эффективный способ похудениеTo examine this question spent two years.

Why do some people successfully manage to lose weight, while others don’t have nutritionists often ask. Scientists from the University of Drexel, USA, published in the journal Obesity your vision of this problem.

The researchers conducted an experiment, to participate in which invited 183 men and women with excess weight. During the year the subjects were trying to lose weight, using different methods. In particular, they adhered to their assigned diet, count calories, keep diaries with records only eaten for a day, visited the gym regularly and weighed.

The experiment lasted two years. In the final, when summing up the results, it turned out most successfully was able to lose weight those who during the period of dropping excess weight gradually but steadily.

“Those who during the first three weeks I dropped several pounds, then gained them again, had the worst outcomes compared to those who steadily dropped a kilo in a week”, – said the authors of the project.

According to them, losing weight is important at the outset to develop certain rules related to eating and physical activity, and then patiently stick to them from day to day.

Such a strategy is the best to get rid of extra pounds, stated the doctors.

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