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Scientists have determined the age of Saturn’s rings

Ученые определили возраст колец СатурнаAmerican scientists determined the age of Saturn’s rings, due to space dust.

Scientists from Cornell University in Ithaca (new York) due to cosmic dust determined the age of one of Saturn’s rings — rings C.

The study will be fully published on 1 January in the journal Icarus, and briefly about it, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

The experts relied on data sent to Earth Cassini interplanetary spacecraft. “Rings are mostly composed of ice, but there is a small nabludenia part is the dust that collects on the ring. It is a valuable clue about its origin and age,” said the study’s author, Jimin csan (Zhimeng Zhang).

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According to him, the dust flies through space from the Kuiper belt. Thus, the older the ring, the more dust it gathers. However, the fact that the C ring has gathered not so many of these “precipitation”, has shown that it is much younger than was assumed. According to scientists, a ring appeared around Saturn is not more than 100 million years ago.

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Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, has a prominent system of rings (three main A, B and C and one more subtle — D). In 1997, to study Saturn, its rings and the main satellite (Titan) launched the Cassini-Huygens mission. July 1, 2004, the station went into orbit of the planet, and on 25 December of the same year it was separated probe Huygens, which later landed on Titan’s surface.

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