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Scientists have determined that this is the driest desert Land was formerly a lake

Ученые определили, что самая засушливая пустыня Земли раньше была озеромScientists have found that areas of the Atacama, the driest desert of the Earth, once there were lakes and swamps.

To this conclusion they came, having found traces of freshwater plants and the remains of the characteristic animals of freshwater ecosystems. The report on this subject was made at the annual conference of the American geophysical Union.

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Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley got to the bottom layers, reflecting the state of the Atacama in intervie 9-17 thousand years ago. It was there that he discovered the organic material of plants and animals that can live only in water or in the water.

Record low rainfall in the Region has been observed for 2.5 million years. However, in the period in over the Andes was frequent and heavy rains, the water from which in the end glass to the Atacama.

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It is noted that around the same time in South America, there were people who could settle among lakes of the Atacama.

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