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Scientists have determined how to stop the natural aging process

Ученые определили, как остановить естественное старение организмаThese methods will help you to stay longer young and beautiful.

The serum of “eternal youth” still not invented and even if it exists, that ordinary people, she is unlikely to ever be available. So we are left with no choice but to take care of their own health and appearance in advance, stopping the aging process as much as possible.

What scientists think about saving youth?

Researchers have identified that one of the instigators of premature aging are free radicals are toxic substances that poison us from the inside and increase the risks of developing many diseases.

Nature of free radicals is that they are produced with the participation of oxygen in the body and every year they are becoming more and more. So, according to scientists, the main task of every person is to make sure that his body was a minimal amount of toxic substances.

How to stop it natural aging?

Exercise regularly but not to overdo it. According to statistics, athletes live as much as normal people because they tense up physically almost his entire adult life, and it is not very useful.

Eat right and watch my weight. A balanced diet, which is dominated by natural foods and not preservatives or carcinogens that cares about the health of every cell, and if you lean on essential fatty acids and antioxidants, the old age will come much later than those who randomly eats.

Temper. Scientists have not studied positive for human tempering as well as for animals winter swimming. But they tend to think that after all the proper and regular hardening would bring only benefits for the health and human life, and will be able to stop the aging process.

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