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Scientists have described how with the help of the Gulf stream, Moscow could destroy the United States

Ученые рассказали, как с помощью Гольфстрима Москва может уничтожить США

The United States has long been dreaming, as to annoy Russia. And the Anglo-Saxons, as usual, all means are good. The Internet is full of designs of our GP (“the main enemy”) to blow up the hands of Ukrainian nationalists, Crimean bridge and the further destabilization of the situation in the sea of Azov and, in particular, in the Kerch Strait.

It’s amazing what a maniacal sense of purpose States, using all available political and economic levers (including European), seeking not just to deprive the friendly relations of Russia and Ukraine — to embroil the two brotherly people. But to bring the delicate balance in our relationship to armed confrontation.

All this can not but cause people of good will of the concern and anxiety. Do not stay aside and scholars. Recently, for example, in a network there were a number of articles researchers, offering, because of their capabilities and intellectual abilities, a symmetrical response, which can resist the Western threat. So, in the weekly “Military-industrial courier” on December 25 published an article by a scientist Choro Tugambaeva. In it, he argues that it is sufficient, for example, to break through the thermonuclear explosion of molten magma filled crack (dike) of the Icelandic volcano, Snaefellsjokull due to break through the wall of the volcano will inevitably collapse into the ocean.

And then a giant mass of stones, rocks, debris and soil will rush through the underwater slope down into the valley Irminger sea, the depth of which exceeds two kilometers. The success of this landslide until the Labrador shelf will arise gigantic wave that will inevitably move to the southwest in the direction of the Central part of the North American continent. Thus, the East coast of America will cover the monstrous force of the tsunami. New York, Washington and many of the largest cities of the United States will simply cease to exist. Of course, destroy and flood, and also Central regions of the United States.

This article by a scientist Choro Tugambaeva was caused by the earlier publication of academician of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences, captain of the first rank Konstantin Sivkov. Konstantin, in turn, suggested that using ocean multipurpose weapon system “Status-6”, the same way you can strike and on the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO that just split the American continent and destroy it.

By the way, something similar was hinted in the last year and the North Korean side. So, in September 2017, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN announced the successful test of the country the hydrogen bomb. Later, when this achievement was announced by television North Korea, the speaker was reading the text on the background map, which depicted the “strange” landscape, representing a water-filled giant crater in the middle of the North American continent.

Another way of assured destruction of the North American continent proposed in the Soviet period academician Andrei Sakharov. The Creator of the hydrogen bomb with many stars suggested then Admiral of the Soviet Navy lay in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans thermonuclear warheads with a capacity of 100 megatons. And, in the case of blatant aggression by the US, it will be enough to bring this hydrogen warhead in action, then America will cease to exist as a continent. Recall that the power of the most powerful experienced in the Land of bomb exploded over Novaya Zemlya by the Soviet Union amounted to 68,6 megatons of TNT. At the time of the shock wave three times around the planet. What would happen to the American continent after the tsunami, caused by a 100-megaton charge, — God knows. Then wounded in such an inhumane approach of the Soviet academician to the confrontation with America, the Admiral said that civilians not at war. Realizing the horror of what he proposed, Sugars, according to him, ashamed of his own thoughts and never have raised this topic.

There was another proposal to curb U.S. aggression. It was presented the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev in 1959, a group of Soviet engineers, relatives of Myasnikovich. Its essence was to open on waterlogged Islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans around the North American continent a Soviet naval base, which was planned to place Soviet missiles with nuclear warheads. The originality of this venture was that these Islands were not in fact Islands. The fact that in the ocean there are many shoals and sea cans (seamounts), the tops of which do not reach the surface of the water literally a few meters (from 25 to 100 m). They were supposed to build, to build “a peaceful fishing base” and to declare the Soviet territories. And in fact, these pieces of land was planned to equip the whole set with underwater and underground communications, where were going to install missiles.

And if a nuclear mess on the head of the aggressors (i.e. Americans) would be inevitably rained down dozens of Soviet missiles with nuclear warheads. But the country’s leadership and military did not appreciate the original decision of the Soviet engineers. The project was closed… And three years later in the Central Atlantic, as we know, broke out the Cuban missile crisis. However, in 1962, without a real clash. Although you can probably imagine what would expect American citizens, getting them “under the hand”, the “peaceful Soviet fishermen”…

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