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Scientists have described how the interior affects weight

Ученые рассказали, как интерьер квартиры влияет на лишний вес The correct design of the room will help to lose weight.

University of California researchers from the US conducted a study on the effect of the weight of a man surrounding environment. It turned out that the psychological impact of the room where you live plays an important role in mood. When a person is lonely or feels bad, tries to destroy the stress by eating and gaining weight.

Open the curtains

Scientists have learned that in a dark room a person can not hold back and to overeating. The fact that in the dark the person relaxes and does not hesitate to buy yourself an extra piece of delicious food. Plus, due to the lack of light decreases the body’s production of vitamin D and increased levels of ghrelin – the hunger hormone. Therefore, it is desirable to illuminate the room, to choose a house with large Windows to open the curtains.

Light walls

Color also affects the human body. Therefore, the walls in the restaurants are not accidentally painted in bright colors: orange, bright yellow and red – according to psychologists and nutritionists, these colors are among the stimulants appetite. It turns out that warm colors make food more appetizing, while light, pastel palette of blue, lilac, beige, pink and satisfy your hunger. So for kitchen is better to choose cold colors.

Remove the mirrors

Psychologists recommend to take the mirror surface off. During training the amount of time spent in front of the mirror several times smaller. The scientists also recommend to turn on your favorite music and dance exercise. This will reduce weight and will give a good mood.

The kitchen should be a watch

Nutritionists recommend eating calmly and not rush. The fact that those who eat the food very quickly gaining on average 70 calories more. To control the process – it is advisable to always have before my eyes the time. Remember that lunch should last at least 20-30 minutes. A radio or music system in the kitchen will help get your mind right.

It is better to use small utensils

Color, shape and size of the cookware can also affect the process of weight loss. Colourful plates of food looks more appetizing than whites. Plus, on a plate large size I want to put more food, so better to choose the dishes of small size.

Placing food in the refrigerator

Put fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt and other beneficial low-calorie foods on the shelf in the refrigerator on the level of your eyes. Chocolate and chips are better to shove in lockers. The plate of cookies is also better to clear the table.

To create a special flavor

The flavors help to fight obesity. Jasmine causes an adrenaline rush and increases the desire to dance and sports. Lavender improves sleep, especially insomnia contributes to obesity. A candle with the aroma of green Apple or peppermint reduce appetite. The smell of citrus gives a good mood, but increases appetite. If the dishes add the consumption of Mandarin or orange, these fruits will help to burn excess calories.

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