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Scientists have described how genes are of Neanderthal influence in modern humans

Ученые рассказали, как гены неандертальцев влияют на современных людейThe last Neanderthals died out tens of thousands of years ago

However, the consequences of interbreeding are still being felt today, at least this is evidenced by recent genetic research.

While previous studies have indicated that approximately 2 percent of the modern human genome inherited from Neanderthal, the new shows more than silent gene.

Researchers from Montreal has found evidence that Neanderthal DNA affects the immune and nervous system of modern man. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We conduct a lot of research about the Neanderthal genome, collecting his scattered pieces, learning it functions better we understand the human genome and have it function better,” says Stephen Kozub.

The researchers analyzed RNA sequences in the dataset, the genotype of the muscles to identify people who have inherited both variants of the genome, and Neanderthal and modern man. They found that the lowest level of gene expression had a brain and testes. But most of all scientists interested in the brain, as it is under the influence of the Neanderthal genome in the brain produced by the ADAMTSL3 gene that reduces risk of schizophrenia.

And while this study will have other scientists, this team wants to start figuring out what happened in the past Melanesian person and what genes could inherit it.

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