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Scientists have described a new species of sauropod

Ученые описали новый вид зауроподовOn the back of a dinosaur was located forward spikes.

Scientists from the National Council for scientific and technical research of Argentina have described a new species of sauropod, called Bajadasaurus pronuspinax. A distinctive feature of the dinosaur was also extremely long spikes that protrude from his back and neck.

The sauropods – a group of four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs that lived from the Jurassic to Cretaceous. Now, researchers found in Patagonia new representative of this group, which lived on the Earth 140 million years ago.

“We believe that a long and incredibly sharp spikes located on the neck and back Bajadasaurus pronuspinax and its relative, Amargasaurus cazaui, must have evolved to resist predators. If these spikes only covered the skin or, otherwise, they would open the bone, they could easily break. They were wrapped in a keratin sheath, similar to the one that is present in the horns of many modern mammals,” – said one of the scientists Pablo Gallina.

According to researchers, the spikes could be used not only as weapons but also as an indicator of sex for females. In addition, it is likely that they supported a dorsal outgrowth, which performed the same function as the hump in camels.

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