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Scientists have created synthetic muscle

Ученые создали синтетические мышцыThis technology has quite a few applications.

Synthetic muscles are not new to scholars, but still they failed to create a quality solution that is affordable for the mass market.

Researchers from mit set out to solve this problem, by creating cheap and reliable artificial muscles. In the result they had developed muscles from nylon fibers having an unusual ability to shrink in length and expand in diameter when heated. This technology makes them ideal for linear motion, like lifting things.

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To avoid high costs and design complexity, scientists have found a simple way to make nylon is to change the shape. First, they compress the nylon thread to change the cross section of the fiber, and then heat one side, causing it to shrink faster than other parts of the thread, which leads to bending. The source of heat can be anything from chemical reactions to electrical resistance. Surprisingly, the fibers were very resistant to abrasion – they are able to maintain strength over 100 thousand cycles of flexion.

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This technology has quite a few applications. In addition to creating synthetic muscles, nylon fiber can be used, for example, in the automotive industry, allowing you to change the shape of the car in collisions to reduce the danger to the driver and passengers.

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