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Scientists have created an “eternal” battery of radioactive waste

Ученые создали «вечные» батареи из радиоактивных отходовTheir lineup consisted of artificial diamonds and radioactive waste.

Physicists and chemists at Bristol University have created a prototype of an “eternal” battery, consisting of artificial diamonds and radioactive waste. Information about this posted on the official website of the University.

It is reported that scientists put radioactive materials into synthetic diamonds that has allowed to generate electricity.

According to the developers, the fuel cell does not emit harmful substances, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. At the same time, these batteries can solve the problem of disposal of nuclear waste.

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The presentation of the new design was presented a prototype battery, which were applied Nickel-63. It is reported that to increase efficiency it is also planned to use carbon-14. The substance is contained in a graphite rods employed in nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors.

Carbon-14, scientists have made a bet because the features of this radioactive nuclide allows him to do is completely safe when placed inside of a diamond.

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Experts say that these batteries can work 5730 years. After that, their charge will be reduced by half.

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