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Scientists have created a unique smart band-aid, healing the wounds

Ученые создали уникальный смарт-пластырь, заживляющий раныMedical company from Seattle KitoTech Medical has developed a unique device, healing wounds.

Patch microMend heals deep cuts and applied to the skin three times faster than conventional sutures or staples.

Clinical studies have shown amazing results with this technology and scientists have already shared how to use it. The patch is secured around the wound, and then gradually begins to shrink, tightly holding the skin on either side of the cut and preventing possible contamination. Tests were performed on pigs because their skin is in structure most similar to human.

After successful results the patch microMend began to be used on humans. This method of healing has huge advantages: – they heal more comfortably and painlessly; – looks more aesthetically pleasing and do not cause discomfort when touched; unlike sutures and staples removal of the patch is painless; the patient is able to remove microMend, not resorting to medical assistance.

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