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Scientists have created a “unique” pigs without fat

Ученые создали «уникальных» поросят без салаA group of scientists have created a genetically modified unique view of pigs

As the media says, experts got 12 healthy piglets. Each of them had almost 1/4 less subcutaneous fat compared to the usual pig.

In the modification of animals was used the unique technology of genetic CRISPR / Cas9. Thanks to this technology, in piglets was shown that gene as UPC1 responsible for the effect of thermoregulation on the body. This unit of heredity plays a special role in most mammals. But in pigs it is practically not. As a result, the fat it is vital.

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After reaching 6 months of age of genetically modified pigs killed for analysis of their condition. While scientists have found that they are completely healthy.

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