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Scientists have created a unique helmet for paralyzed

Ученые создали уникальный шлем для парализованныхScientists have created a special device in the form of a helmet that allows control of paralyzed limbs by thought.

Such scientific discovery can help to recover people who have had a stroke.

Device development has engaged scholars from the United States, after the publication of their colleagues of the results of research concerning location in the human brain of the plot, allowing you to control limbs. Was designed helmet with attached sensors which detect the pulses and send them to a computer device, and paralyzed the hand of man has little opportunity to move.

Range of action of the helmet is small, but the development will be useful especially in the early days after stroke, when to develop a limb is possible with the largest crowning success. Scientists believe that in the first three months people who have had a stroke, have great chances to restore the function of their limbs, but if not – there is a risk to remain in this state forever.

Such device does not exist yet, according to its developers. There are chances that in future the helmet will be improved, and in addition to the minimum of the functions available to employees can make over the limbs even more control for a better result recovery.

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