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Scientists have created a unique “glue” for wounds

Ученые создали уникальный «суперклей» для ранMeTro high elasticity makes it ideal for sealing a wound in body tissues.

Highly elastic surgical glue MeTro, which quickly seals the wound without the need for seams can transform the work of the surgical operations. The results of his tests published Science Translational Medicine under the authorship of scientists from Australian University in Sydney.

MeTro contains proteins that when interacting with UV light, become elastic, but durable material. After injection into the wound MeTro completely seals it in for one minute. After that, the substance gradually dissolves and restores broken tissue. Scientists say that in the future the glue will help to get rid of stitches or metal clips, which surgeons use during operations. In addition, it can be indispensable in an emergency — for example, in car accidents.

MeTro high elasticity makes it ideal for sealing wounds in the tissues of the body, which constantly dilate and relax — for example, lungs, heart and arteries. The material can also be used for wounds that are in hard to reach places.

Another unique feature of glue is that it can be programmed for a specific time of resorption in the wound to give the body time to heal the wound. The adhesive tube can disappear for a few hours or months. Scientists have tested the glue on injured lungs and other internal organs of laboratory pigs, and even damaged arteries. In all cases the adhesive has passed tests.

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