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Scientists have created a rechargeable lithium metal battery

Ученые создали перезаряжаемую литиево-металлическую батареюNew type lithium rechargeable batteries received triple the capacity.

Scientists have created a rechargeable lithium-metal battery, the capacity of which is three times that of conventional batteries.

The development of new varieties of lithium rechargeable batteries was carried out at rice University in Texas.

Overall, this prototype battery capable of storing energy 3,351 mAh per gram of lithium, which is much better than the performance of the batteries created by the existing technology. According to preliminary data, the researchers were able to solve the so-called “problem of dendrite”, when storing large amounts of energy leads to the appearance of deposits known as dendrites, which damage the battery.

As scientists assure, they managed to create “a unique anode” carbon nanotubes and graphene. Experts claim that lithium metal batteries produced using new technology, almost no formation of dendrites. As noted, the nanotubes to replace graphite anodes currently used in lithium-ion batteries.

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