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Scientists have created a new and unusual fruit

Ученые создали новый необычный фруктAmerican scientists have created a citrus fruit Super Nova

In order to create a unique fruit Super Nova, the American scientist it took about 50 years of research and experiments.

As a result, they managed a selective method to bring a new subtype of a family of mandarins, which has no seed, and the taste is much better than analogues from Egypt or Turkey.

Experts drew attention to the fact that the first prototypes of the new fruit was created in 1966. The author of the study from Orlando Jacob Hearn said that as a result of selection he was able to create a hybrid fruit Super Nova. The uniqueness of this citrus fruit is that it has no seeds and easy to clean. Mutation of two varieties of mandarins did not give regular positive results. Only in 10% of cases it was possible to obtain a Super Nova, that was a bad result. The reason for this was the low yield in Orlando and then in 1990, there was a restart of the project, which made it possible to determine whether there is a sense of growing trees Super Nova in the warmer latitudes, with a particular climate.

It was created several options, and for 26 years was about the fruit of the citrus. The results were promising for further development of breeding in the state. A few manufacturers began to sell fruit called the USDA 88-2 because of good aroma and taste unusual fruit seedless.

A project like American journalists, and soon a Super Nova can be sold in several US States and European regions.

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