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Scientists have created a material invisibility

Ученые создали материал-невидимкуScientists from the National research Institute in Canada have developed a material that gives the objects invisible, in spite of the type of lighting, due to the current redistribution of colors.

The principle of operation created by the canadian scientists of the material described in the article “Full-field broadband invisibility through reversible wave frequency-spectrum control” in the journal Optica.

Invisible material may be the progenitor of fairy cloaks and caps invisible. He is invisible to the human eye and various instruments in any type of lighting. Development is based on a reverse redistribution of colors: when light hits the device, it is highlighted in one color and immediately masked by others, and when the light passes through the object, the second part turns in the primary spectrum. This operating principle makes the object optically invisible.

The authors of the project assume that the material is invisible can be a real breakthrough in technology and widely used in research purposes.

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