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Scientists have created a liquid robot

Ученые создали жидкого роботаThe invention consists of a plastic wheel.

A team of scientists from China and Australia have created a liquid robot that can navigate in close spaces and change the shape. While he is not too similar to the T-1000 from “Terminator 2”, but the engineers say that this is only the beginning.

Published below footage shows the first experimental model of a liquid robot. It is powered by lithium batteries and is able to fit in the palm.

The invention consists of a plastic wheel, battery, liquid gallium. The wheel of the robot rotates when the fluid changes the center of gravity. She is energized from the internal battery.

Scientists say that the tiny robots will be able to detect and to treat tumors inside the body, as well as point to deliver drugs.

In the future, the researchers hope that these devices will be able to free people from the rubble, as thanks to its fluid design, these robots will be able to reach inaccessible places.

Gallium, which is the basis of the prototype “liquid machine” is a soft, silvery material that is used in electronic circuits and semiconductors.

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