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Scientists have created a hybrid of a chicken and human

Ученые создали гибрид курицы и человекаScientists have transplanted human cells in chicken embryo

Scientists at the Rockefeller University in new York has created the embryos from the cells of chicken and human to better study the mechanism of formation of the fetus. The results of the study published may 23 in the journal Nature.

The study says that the decisive role at an early stage of the formation of structures of the organism is played by special cells called organizers. Transplantation of these cells from one embryo to another encourages the development of additional fetal nervous system, including spinal cord and brain.

Due to the ethical principles of experiments with human embryos is prohibited, so scientists could not confirm the presence of such cells in humans. In this regard, the researchers inoculated in chicken embryo colony of specially treated human stem cells. This led to the formation of the second spine and nervous system, which proved the existence of cells-the organizers of the human embryo.

The researchers noted that their discovery represents a “milestone in human embryology”. They hope that the opportunity to experiment with human cells-the organizers will allow you to learn more about the early pathology of human development, which lead to miscarriages. The scientists also hope to learn more about possible applications of stem cells. The next challenge for researchers will be to study the mechanism of cell organizers.

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