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Scientists have created a home for life on Mars

Ученые создали дом для жизни на МарсеHomes have familiar physical attributes of dwellings.

Astronomers showed the house that can be used for life on Mars.

Scientists from the Royal Observatory of London, drew on the work of Stephen Petranek, author of “How we’ll live on Mars”.

“Sure, all the technical and logistical problems in a very short time will succeed. The main challenge for people will be the survival of another planet, and keeping the fighting spirit”, — said the astronomer Marek Kukula.

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He added that the first colonists will have to live in very tiny rooms, and to see they are the same person for a very long time, knowing that their house was a million miles away. In such circumstances, to maintain a good mood is very important, however it is not so simple. Presented home to Mars, are attributes inherent in earthly dwellings. A microwave and a wardrobe for their belongings. In addition, there is a 3D printer and virtual reality glasses.

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Each house has a separate working place, which is near the TV. In addition, it provided a space for conducting various experiments and research. Scientists emphasize that the expedition to Mars is in fact a one-way ticket. Based on our understanding of this situation, it is important to ensure the autonomy of the astronauts. Demonstration Martian home includes mechanisms for growing a variety of nutritious crops.

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