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Scientists have created a 3D model of the “perfect” smile

Ученые создали 3D-модель самой "идеальной" улыбкиTo build credibility, a smile should not be too broad.

Smile is the most important form of nonverbal communication. She is able to convey many moods. Interestingly, the smile is not always perceived as an expression of joy in some cultures it is a sign of embarrassment.

Studies show that the perception of someone else’s smile depends on many factors. For example, scientists from the University of Central Florida came to the conclusion that the broad smile of the model in an online advertising Network users consider an indicator of low competence.

A new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, focuses on how perception is affected by the form of a smile. According to the authors, the study will help to create new methods of recovery of facial expression after injury and transferred neurological diseases.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota have created a 3D model of smiling faces, varying the height of the corners of the lips, wide smiles and an indicator of how when you smile are the teeth. There were 27 models. Image showed the 802 study participants aged 18 to 82 years.

Participants were asked to rate how sincere, pleasant, and overall “effective” look simulated a smile. Closest to the ideal was relatively symmetric with a narrow smile. When her teeth are visible, but not too much.

A wide smile with visible teeth and a low raised corners of the mouth is associated more with fear than with joy. It turned out that the perception of smiles in men and women is virtually identical, will not be affected by the amount of alcohol consumed.

Ученые создали 3D-модель самой "идеальной" улыбки

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