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Scientists have caught a mysterious signal from space

Ученые поймали загадочный сигнал из космосаScientists do not know the exact origin of this signal.

Scientists found gamma rays coming from deep space.

These signals were obtained with the Swift Observatory, which is located on the satellite, launched by NASA in 2004.

The standard explanation for this phenomenon suggests that these signals coming from pulsars. A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating star, which radiates the illuminating beam.

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But now scientists have another explanation for this phenomenon, they believe that these signals indicate the juxtaposition of two very dense environments, similar in density of black holes.

Then gamma rays are the result of a collision in outer space. However, to confirm their words with evidence they are not.

Scientists note that this phenomenon was first recorded in 2007. The sum of the signals was found about two dozen.

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