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Scientists have called one of the greatest threats to humanity

Ученые назвали одну из главных угроз для человечества The development of superbugs – dangerous trend of our time.

A few days ago from the Committee on health and social security of the house of Commons of the UK reported that by 2050, every year will die about 10 million people because of the dangerous types of bacteria.

Some microorganisms are not afraid of antibiotics, drugs have no impact. Now from the mutated bacteria dies about 5 thousand people per year.

The authorities came to the conclusion that the market incentives did not begin to develop new drugs because private companies do not have enough money to develop new classes of antibiotics. The parliamentary Committee also reviewed the activities of doctors, they were advised not to prescribe drugs unnecessarily, so as not to aggravate the situation.

The government will soon have to reconsider its policy regarding the financing of pharmaceutical companies. Lawmakers called on all Nations to join the development of new antibiotics, as a bacterial threat is relevant to all continents. If urgently not to pursue the issue hurts the entire system of global health.

Earlier, the UK government has allocated £ 30 million for destroying dangerous bacteria.

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