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Scientists have calculated how much will it cost to operate the “death Star”

Experts of the British company OVO Energy working in the gas industry and electricity industry, to the release of the film “Rogue-one. Star wars: the history of” spent entertaining the calculations. They tried to understand, what is the cost of daily content super weapon “the death Star” that can destroy entire planets. As it turned out, all the money there is not enough Earth to support the work of this military space station.

Scientists have calculated how much will it cost to operate the “death Star”

According to OVO Energy calculations, operation of the “death Star” will be released to its owner oktillion 6.25 pounds (about 7.8 oktillion dollars) daily. By the way, earthlings such weapons is not exactly expensive: that $ thirty trillion times the amount of all money on Earth.

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“Rogue-one: Star wars: Stories”. Official trailer
In the calculations, the researchers relied on data “Wukipedia” (a website that is a sort of “Wikipedia” of peace “Star wars”), as well as the publication of the newspaper The New York Post and the website of the Ministry of the environment, food and rural Affairs of UK. In the price included the household expenditure (including personnel and the military, waste treatment, maintenance of air-conditioning systems and air supply), the cost of transportation personnel on the special shuttles, the use of the jump to hyperspace and maintenance superlaser installation. It is also reported that the construction of such stations would order 852 quadrillion dollars. In short, the Empire obviously have to be very rich.

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The scheme of the “death Star”, shown in the episode “a New hope”

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