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Scientists have been able to read a person’s thoughts

Ученые смогли прочитать мысли человекаThe technology is simple and real.

Previously conducted experiments with the transmission of thoughts between two people, the results of which demonstrated that the transfer of thoughts cord is real.

American scientists decided to improve this technology. Thus, the creation of a network of connected people who have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other.

For participation in the experiment was narrowed to three applicants. The principle of the experiment was developed based on the game “Tetris”, one person had to rotate shapes, not seeing the screen, and the other two, seeing the screen, gave the first hint passing them your thoughts. It is worth noting that all three people were in different rooms and communicated through connected to the brain system.

The secret of the developed method is the use of electroencephalogram, fixing the electrical activity of the brain. In order for the information received in the brain, has been used transcranial magnetic stimulation.

In the current experimental setup, only one person can send and receive information. He didn’t see the whole playing field party was open only its upper part. The lower part was closed, so he didn’t see how to turn the unit off.

Two other participants were able to transfer their commands to the receiver, which they needed to focus on the blinking LEDs, which allowed to change their brain signals. The recipient of these brain commands not only knew how to turn the unit, but also felt when the other members wanted to deceive him.

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