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Scientists have become known for unexpected symptoms of diabetes

Ученым стали известны неожиданные симптомы диабета Diagnose diabetes yourself.

Diabetes is a terrible disease that rapidly affects the population of the planet. The insidiousness of the disease consists, first, in his incurable. Once diagnosed with “diabetes” actually means that it is forever.

Another danger of diabetes lies in the continuity of its development. Diabetes comes on slowly, a condition which doctors call prediabetes may develop over many years, gradually leading to sickness and often to disability.

Gradually, however, emerging insulin resistance is characterized by certain features which you can discover if you analyze your health, habits and even mood.

The feeling of dullness and drowsiness after meals

Generally speaking, large meals almost always causes a desire to “take a NAP for an hour or two”. This is, by and large, the normal reaction of the body to intake of carbohydrates. All carbohydrates entering the body are absorbed into the blood in the form of glucose, which is the source of energy. The blood is saturated with glucose enters the pancreas, which is the signal that it’s time to begin to produce insulin to process the glucose by the cells.

However, when the body gets too many simple carbohydrates that are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, receptors in the cells stop absorbing the insulin. Glucose begins to accumulate in the blood. The receptor cells lack glucose. All this is reflected in the feeling that a person feels lethargic, sleepy, lack of glucose is reflected even on cognitive abilities: reduced reaction rate, the degree of concentration.

At this stage of diabetes, the disease can be prevented by replacing simple carbohydrates (sugar, white bread and rolls, industrial fruit juices) – complex (cereals, bread from wheat flour, fresh fruit). Even a simple walk after dinner will improve the absorption of glucose by cells.

Carbohydrate thirst

A strong desire to eat something tasty, but unhealthy: chips, fries, piece of cake – should be cause for concern. The body often requires fast carbohydrates. However, their use is fraught with increased production of insulin the pancreas needs to cope with the abundance of fast carbs. Then also sharply there is a drop in blood sugar levels and the body begins to demand a new batch of simple carbohydrates.

It testifies to the wrong food habits, which, if not beat, necessarily lead to the emergence of diabetes. If there is a need for carbohydrates (the body literally “yelling” about wanting to eat something), beat it, replacing simple carbohydrates complex. Eat an Apple, handful of nuts, unsweetened yogurt. The body, getting a slow carbohydrates will be busy with them splitting for a long time.

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Almost all diabetics of the second type are overweight. And spoons “earned” his diabetes with excess weight. Lately, the medical community increasingly puts weight one of the main reasons for the development of type II diabetes. Usually about impending problems are difficulties getting rid of excess weight.

If you reduce calories consumed, and no visible results, then maybe your body is already restructuring in relation to insulin. And the restructuring that are not in your favor. Cells get less glucose, as it goes directly into the fat depots. Weight continues to grow.

Fat is localized mainly in the abdomen, the waist size increases, the shape is reminiscent of Apple. The widest part of the body is concentrated there, where nature provides the narrowest – at the waist. Fat at waist the doctors associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels in the blood. And this is also concomitant factors in the development of type II diabetes.
In this case, you cannot sit on hard, extreme diet. To lose weight you need, but gently, gradually reducing the consumption of carbohydrates completely depriving yourself of simple carbohydrates in favor of complex.

Physical activity required: when building muscle the body requires glucose, and the cells begin to absorb, not allowing to develop in the fat depots. In General, you need to constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle – a proper, balanced diet with high physical activity.

High blood pressure

Hypertension combined with obesity, with the fat cushion around your waist doctors call a formidable sign of development of type II diabetes. The fact is that when high blood pressure combined with high cholesterol (and for the most part, these two factors always coexist with each other), blood becomes more viscous, sticky, viscous. Increased clotting of the blood makes its progress through the body, deteriorating the absorption of glucose.

To lower blood pressure can reduced body weight. Weight loss of 5 pounds leads to lower blood pressure by 10-15 units, and this greatly reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

When you rush to the doctor

Of course, to do self diagnosis is futile and meaningless thing. Diagnosis should put the doctor on the basis of blood tests. Therefore, the features described above should be cause to pay attention to their health. The most important indicator of the presence of diabetes is the blood sugar level. Moreover, this figure can vary at different times of day, depending on food eaten and even psychological state.

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There are the symptoms that indicate diabetes were approaching close. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, you need to go to the doctor and not to self-medicate.

In diabetes the second type of person feels thirst, which is often manifested in the dryness. People experiencing dry mouth, dry skin, as the skin would be thinner.

Often on the background of developing fungal diseases of the skin and nails. High blood sugar becomes a beneficial environment for the development of fungal diseases. In addition, due to the increase in blood sugar there is a General decline of immunity. Because of this, including the body becomes more susceptible to different kinds of infections, including fungal.

Also there is little resistance to pustular skin lesions. Any wounds, scratches heal very poorly, often fester because of changes in acid-base balance of the skin.

Increased fluid intake leads to more frequent urination – people literally afraid for a long time to move away from the toilet. The kidneys experience a double burden: first, because of the increased fluid intake, and secondly, due to irritation of sugar, which level in the blood is elevated. If there is any chronic kidney disease, they acute.

Hypoactive sexual desire is celebrated as both men and women. Men in the presence of high sugar may develop impotence. Women begin to experience discomfort in the genital area: itching, dryness, burning. Sometimes similar symptoms include fungal infections, particularly thrush.

Weakness, sudden dizziness, blackouts can be caused by a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. It is also typical for type II diabetes.

Many patients report sudden vision loss. They claim that in front of the eyes like a veil is that which prevents to see the details. Loss of the lens and retina of the eye occurs due to irritation of the excess sugar in the blood.

Sometimes there is numbness in the extremities or so-called “goose bumps” on your body. Such symptoms can occur spontaneously, not depending, for example, from changes in ambient temperature.

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