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Scientists have admitted the existence of life in the atmosphere of substars

Ученые допустили существование жизни в атмосфере субзвездExtraterrestrial civilization might exist in the upper atmosphere of brown dwarfs.

British astronomers were able to find compelling evidence of life in the atmospheres of brown dwarf objects.

They are on intermediate positions between the planets and the stars.

According to performed calculations, the astronomers in their study closer to the conclusion that in the layer of the peaceful atmosphere of the brown dwarf objects may be organisms that its value is ten times smaller than terrestrial bacteria. In this case, if from the depths of the stars regularly receives updrafts, sizes inhabiting the upper layers of the gas envelope of the star can far exceed any earthly counterpart.

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To such conclusions scientists came after the comparison of their results with the study of the American Astro-physicist Carl Sagan. Scientist 40 years ago suggested: in the atmosphere of brown dwarfs may contain organisms similar to terrestrial bacteria.

The results of Astro-physicists take into account modern information on the atmospheres of brown dwarfs. For example, in 2014, scientists through the use of infrared telescope WISE found planetologie object WISE J085510.83-0714442.5, whose atmosphere with water clouds. Brown dwarf located at a distance of 7.2 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Hydra, while it is five times larger than Jupiter, and its atmospheric temperature is -23 degrees Celsius.

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