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Scientists got a timelapse of the movement of exoplanets

Ученые получили таймлапс движения экзопланетыA series of images of the distant planet was made for four years.

Astronomers using the Very large telescope have obtained a series of images of the exoplanet Beta Painter b while the motion in orbit around its parent star. As reported on the website of the European southern Observatory, researchers observed the planet from 2014 to 2016 and then in 2018.

The massive planet was discovered in 2008. Researchers began monitoring it in 2014 and continued them until 2016. Then the planet Beta Pictoris bтак closely approached the outer halo around the star that any tool to select it, the image was impossible. It took another almost two years since then, as images of planets and stars merged, and now Beta Painter b again separated from the circumstellar halo, which was again registered by the receiver SPHERE.

It is noted that the receiver receives the direct image of the exoplanet, not calculated or simulated.

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