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Scientists from Sweden explained how to rejuvenate the blood

Ученые из Швеции рассказали, как омолаживать кровь The Swedish scientists said that mastered the method of rejuvenating blood.

Swedish scientists from Lund University have found a way to rejuvenate the blood by reprogramming cells.

The new development will help in the treatment of leukemia and other blood disorders.

Human stem cells capable of generating billions of new blood cells daily, but this process is markedly reduced with age. The result of this is the tendency of the elderly to anemia, increase the likelihood of developing cancer of the blood and a decrease in immunity.

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Experts from the University of Lund was able to prove the reality of his theory, rejuvenate blood stem cells, washing of the aging muscle. The main question that has interested researchers, was to determine the following moment, the stem cells are aging in different ways in one person or all of these cells face problems of age. In the first stage, experts should genetically be noted the old cells, in order to identify those who require an urgent update. Then all the computed cells turn into stem by changing their type as they are able to generate all types of cells. Upon completion of the transition process, scientists are once again examined all the particles in, noting the incident rejuvenation.

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Experts intend to continue research in this direction, hoping for the discovery of medicines, which overcomes anemia, leukemia and other blood diseases.

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