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Scientists from Pakistan have reported the unique discovery

Ученые из Пакистана сообщили о своей уникальной находкеScientists have discovered a unique mushroom that eats plastic

Experts were able to detect previously unknown fungus that eats plastic. With this mushroom, it is now possible to solve the problem with disposal of plastic, scientists say.

Scientists from Pakistan new species of fungi called Aspergillus tubingensis, its uniqueness is that it can absorb plastic, which is now so clogged the planet. The researchers found that the fungus is able to break plastic with its mycelium. In just two months, while in liquid medium, Aspergillus tubingensis alone got rid of a sheet of polyester polyurethane.

The experiment involved researchers from China and Kenya, which confirmed the unusual ability of the fungus Aspergillus tubingensis. In the future, scientists want their findings to destroy a huge amount of plastic that enters the oceans of the World.

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