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Scientists from NASA said, when will start the flood

Ученые из NASA рассказали, когда начнется всемирный потопScientists continue to study the theory of the probable end of the world.

Experts from NASA reported that they were able to determine the date of the next flood.

According to the researchers to avoid such a cataclysm, humanity has not come out.

It clarifies what the first event will affect Britain, Japan and France. Experts from NASA have unveiled a special computer model that shows that the new flood is to wait for just 60 years. They clarify that such an event will be associated with global adjustments in climatic conditions, which today are celebrated throughout the Land.

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U.S. scientists said that the warming will lead to melting of glaciers with a high speed, followed by a sharp increase in sea level, and the planet will be under threat of flooding. To avoid a future disaster environmentalists urged modern humanity to drastically reduce the emissions of various greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the planet, stating that otherwise, avoid disaster, able to destroy a lot of lives will not succeed.

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